Business Continuity

We specialize in building the leading business continuity programs in no time. Our focus is to ensure that companies don't waste a single second being exposed to the dangers of today's world. We can assist you with snapshots of your program, planning, as well as setting up the strategy. We can help you write the top notch business continuity policy.

Disaster Recovery

We are technically-savvy enough to help you build, test, and maintain your Disaster Recovery plans. We don't leave you all alone midway through the project. We take you all the way on a Voyage, where our SME's will work with you on removing all of the roadblocks on your way to building a best in class Technology Recovery program.

Vendor Continuity

We have built successful vendor continuity programs for our customers in need of fulfilling the regulatory requirements, as well as strengthening resiliency of the outsourced providers. If you don't already have the vendor continuity plans, documented criticality of all of your corporate vendors, as well as their subcontractors, contact us now.

What BCP Certification Should You Get?

//What BCP Certification Should You Get?

What BCP Certification Should You Get?

When looking at the different BCP and DR certifications, you may be wondering one simple question: is there any value in getting an expensive certification? That along with the cost of books, examination, training course, and maintenance fees could amount into thousands of dollars. Learn about the potential benefits of getting certified below.

The key to getting certified in Business Continuity is being respected by your piers

How many times have you tried to “sell” an idea to your management and colleagues without getting any respect? The key here is to ensure that you are a credible source. Once you obtain a core BCP certification, you are automatically becoming that subject matter expert (SME) that your company should rely on in BC/DR fieldwork. You are no longer providing your own opinion, rather a subject matter expertise on the subject which is backed by your coursework and study materials.

Get a job offer quicker

Since you are about to get certified (or already certified), you should be considered as a better candidate for the job. If you are the hiring manager, and you have just obtained 20 applications for the job, would you give your preference to the certified candidate? Your certification would show to your potential employer that you’ve gone above and beyond in mastering the field that you are applying for a job in. Specific to business continuity, the more certifications you have, the better chance of getting that job offer you would have.

Get paid more

Now, when it comes to salaries, certified candidates earn on average 15-20% more than their peers that do not have the BC/DR certifications. Furthermore, certified candidates occupy mostly management roles. Your $1,000 invested in CBCP certification would pay itself off within less than 1 month.

Which certifications should you get? 

Here’s a list of some of the leading BC/DR Certifications:





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